Kastles Community TeamTennis Spring League
2018 VTA NOVA Spring League

What is World TeamTennis?

WTT is a co-ed team competition in a format that consists of 6 no-ad sets. One set each of men's and women's doubles followed by men's and womens singles, ending with 2 sets of mixed doubles. Total games won from all sets determines the winners. Substitutions and coaching are allowed during the match.

Who can play?
Adults (18 & over) may register. We are offering 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and Open levels.
Determining Team Rating
The average NTRP rating of the top two men and top two women players on your team determines the team rating.
  Joe- 4.5 Mary- 3.5
  Tom- 4.5 Jill-3.5
  Bill- 4.0 Gail- 3.5
  Joe- 4.5 Mary- 3.5
  Jim- 3.5 Joan- 3.0
The best two men and two women are: 4.5 + 4.5 + 3.5 + 3.5 = 16. 16 divided by 4 equals 4.0.
This team could register for the 4.0 division or a higher division. A team consists of a minimum of two men and two women. Although the limit to the number of team members is ten, the suggested number of players is three men and three women. Click here to determine your NTRP level.
Where do we play?
Wakefield District Park
8100 Braddock Rd Annandale, VA 22003.(Next to the Audrey Moore Recreation Center in Annandale and located off the Beltway at 495 and Braddock Road)

What are the spring league details?
Spring League begins April 7 and runs through June 9, 2018

Matches will be played 11am-7pm on Saturdays and 11am-3pm on Sundays

The cost is $35/person to register plus $45/team/match for court fees. Teams submit court fees weekly via paypal.

Sign-Up Deadline and Registration Information
Captains register a team by contacting the league coordinator by email with your team name as soon as possible, and no later than April 1. Please register your team ASAP to secure a place in the league. We plan to cap the number of teams at each level in order to secure the court time and schedule in advance.

Players may register as part of a team by identifying the team name during registration, if you have a captain and a team. If you do not have a team you may register as an individual and designate "looking for a team" during registration. You may also send an email to the league coordinator introducing yourself with any information helpful in matching you with a team. Please email if you are willing to captain a newly formed team, we always need new captains!

Washington Kastles Partnership
The Washington Kastles are the DC area's professional tennis team playing their season every summer between Wimbledon and the US Open using this same WTT format. They are passionate about promoting team tennis in the DC community and have partnered with Virginia Tennis Foundation to form this league.

All spring league participants will receive an included ticket to a Kastles match. When individual ticket sales open this spring a code will be emailed to all participants, and this code can be used to redeem for a match of your choice. The value of the ticket is for grand stand seat at a standard match. There are typically a couple of Marquis matches which cost a bit more so you may need to chip in if you choose to redeem for them. If you choose to purchase additional tickets league participants will receive a 20% discount with that code. Plan to get out and support the Kastles this summer - it's great fun with the whole family, or with your team! www.washingtonkastles.com

What are opportunities and requirements for advancing to National Qualifiers?
WTT is a fun and social league, but offers great opportunities for advancing to winning teams at each level. Teams advancing to national qualifiers may bring a maximum of 10 players, and these players must have played in two matches during one season to advance.
Winning teams of any official World TeamTennis local league division are eligible to attend one National Qualifier within 12 months from the date their local league ends. If teams are not able to attend a National Qualifier within 12 months, they may also compete in the qualifier immediately following the 12 months. If the winning team is unable to compete in any National Qualifier within the 12 months plus the immediate qualifier, they may be replaced by the second place team within the same time frame.


  • 2/16/2018 - Wild Dunes Resort - Charleston, SC (Har-Tru)

  • 4/13/2018 - Owl Creek Tennis Center - Virginia Beach, VA (Senior Divisions only)

  • 5/11/2018 - Darling Tennis Center - Las Vegas, NV

  • 7/6/2018 - Plaza Tennis Center - Kansas City, MO

  • 8/10/2018 - Hempfield Sports Complex - Landisville, PA

  • 8/17/2018 - Virginia Beach Tennis & Country Club - Virginia Beach, VA (Har-Tru)

  • 9/14/2018 - Heritage Park - Irvine, CA

    2018 NATIONALS

  • November 2 - 4 in Palm Desert, CA

Why register via the Internet?
You are not an official league participant until you have registered online. When you register via the Internet site you will be e-mailed league information during the season and your WTT Member Benefits (WTT Point of Contact Newsletter, discounts on hotel, rental cars, 2 for 1 tickets, plus more).

Local League Information & Rules:
Timed match information:
World TeamTennis Local League rules are followed with the following addition regarding timed matches. Once the match time limit is reached and if the match is not completed, the match is halted and the team leading at that time is declared the winner. Unfinished games are not considered in calculating the total number of games won, but points in a Super Tiebreaker will be counted, if the teams have reached this point.

In the event of a tie in this situation, one point is played by the #2 Mixed Doubles (Line #6). If in the middle of a game when the time expires, the current server will serve the final point gender to gender. If at the start of new game, the serving order is maintained with the final point still being served gender to gender.

For more information contact:
Kris Stotler
Northern Virginia League Coordinator
Virginia Tennis
Click on the Registration link at the top of the page to register!