Delaware WTT
2020 Wilmington Summer League

What is World TeamTennis?
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WTT is co-ed teams competing in a format that consists of 6 no-ad sets. One set each of mens and womens doubles followed by mens and womens singles, ending with 2 sets of mixed doubles. Total games won from all sets determines the winner. Substitutions and coaching are allowed during the match.
What is a WTT team?
World TeamTennis (WTT) is co-ed teams competing in a format that consists of 6 no-ad sets that are played to 6 games. This allows men and women to compete in an exciting fast-paced format. WTT gives you a chance to play singles, doubles and mixed doubles as part of team. WTT uses rules that include player substitutions at any time, cumulative game scoring and a fast paced format that keeps the action rolling! Teams are encouraged to coach and support from the sidelines. It's about competition, but laced with huge doses of fun and good sportsmanship.

Format - Matches are a round robin format. Teams consist of a minimum of two (2) men and two (2) women with a maximum of ten (10) players per team.

There must be at least 4 teams in each level. The number of matches played depends on the number of teams.

A team must have two men and two women, as a minimum. (10 players maximum). This allows for periods of rest and missing matches.
Who can play?
Adults (18 & over) may sign up as a team or as an individual. Team captains play for free! If you are captaining a team, please contact League Coordinator Taya Dianna at or 302-354-7317 with team name prior to registering or having players register so that they can designate your team name.
When do leagues start?
The 2020 Summer League will run mid July (hopefully starting July 13) through late August. Matches will be played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday evenings, starting at 6pm PROMPTLY at Banning Park, 102 Middleboro Rd., Wilmington, DE or at Delcastle Tennis Center, 700 McKennan's Church Rd., Wilmington, DE. There is a possibility of matches at other New Castle County parks &/or country clubs, if reserved by a team. Additionally, matches may be scheduled for Saturday mornings. Teams should plan on at least 1 match per week, but there is the possibility of more, depending upon registrations.

A minimum of 3 teams in any level is required with a maximum of 10 teams.

Cost is $35/person or $300/team.

Deadline to register a team (min. 2 men & 2 women) for the league is July 6.

Sign-Up Deadline: Monday, July 6
By Monday, July 6 each team must have at least 4 players (2 men and 2 women) registered AND PAID in order to be put on the schedule. You can add players after this date (up to 10 total players per team) as long as they have registered and paid before they play a match.

To advance to National Qualifier, each player must have played in at least 2 matches.

*All money and paperwork are due by this date. No refunds and/or transfer of payment to another person after the registration deadline.
What Divisions (levels of play) are offered?
WTT uses the USTA rating system. We are accepting registration at the 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 levels.
Determining Team Rating
The average NTRP rating of the top two men and top two women players on your team determines the team rating.
  Joe- 4.5 Mary- 3.5
  Tom- 4.5 Jill-3.5
  Bill- 4.0 Gail- 3.5
  Joe- 4.5 Mary- 3.5
  Jim- 3.5 Joan- 3.0
The best two men and two women are: 4.5 + 4.5 + 3.5 + 3.5 = 16. 16 divided by 4 equals 4.0.
This team could register for the 4.0 division or a higher division. A team consists of a minimum of two men and two women. Although the limit to the number of team members is ten, the suggested number of players is three men and three women. Click here to determine your NTRP level.
Where do we play?
All regular season matches will be played at Banning Park, 102 Middleboro Rd., Wilmington, DE or Delcastle Tennis Center, 700 McKennans Church Rd., Wilmington with the possibility of some matches being played at area country clubs or other NCC parks. Hopefully it will not be a factor with starting the season early, but IF daylight time becomes a factor, matches may be moved to Greenbank Park or possibly indoors at Delcastle Tennis Center (players will be responsible for a small fee). Any changes in match scheduling must have prior approval from the league coordinator.
Can I register as an individual/substitute/team?
If you're a loner and don't technically have a team, but want to play so bad you'll do anything, we will definitely take you... but you'll be labeled as a lone wolf. When you register without a team, you will be thrown into the lone wolf pound, but don't you worry - we will help you find your wolf pack. Please realize that we will not contact you regarding your team assignment until after all registrations are in (approximately one week prior to the season/tournament).

If you've got your own small pack but not quite enough for a full team (it really only takes 2 men & 2 women!), then go ahead & register & have your friends register & make sure you list each other's names so that you can be put on a team together. OR...ask for my help to complete your pack/team!

If you are registering as a team, the team captain should send an email to with your team name and level prior to having players register. Once the team name has been logged, players can register. Remember, team captains PLAY FOR FREE!

If you are joining an established team you will be able to identify that team as part of the registration process. When we form new teams to accommodate everyone, one of the players must be willing to be captain.

See substitute player information below.
Note to substitute players:
Captains, please note that a substitute player is ONLY allowed if you have just one man or just one woman available for a certain match. If you have two available, then any games played by the substitute will be forfeited. All substitute players must be at the same level or lower of your regular player.

Players, you MUST register and your playing is subject to the decision/judgment of the League Director who will independently assess your NTRP rating.

Teams may use a substitute player for no more than 3 matches. Substitutes must register for the team and pay $10 for each substitution. Substitutes may play for multiple teams in the same division or at other divisions. Substitutes cannot be added for playoffs. Any substitute that plays in at least 2 matches during the season is eligible to be added to a team advancing to a National Qualifier.
Why register via the Internet?
You are not an official league participant until you have registered online. When you register via the Internet site you will be e-mailed league information during the season and your WTT Member Benefits (WTT Point of Contact Newsletter, discounts on hotel, rental cars, 2 for 1 tickets, plus more).
What is the cost?
$35 per person per team or $300 per team. TEAM CAPTAINS PLAY FOR FREE! League coordinator will provide one can of balls per team per match - team captains should then be sure to bring ONE CAN for every match.

Pay via Zelle to 302-354-7317, via Venmo to @tayawhat, via Square Cash to $tayadianna67 or Paypal to (must send as a "gift" & not payment for a service). Or mail a check to Taya Dianna, 802 Elizabeth Ave., Wilmington, DE 19809

No refunds after the registration deadline.
League winners qualify for a National Qualifier?
Winning teams advance to the WTT National Qualifiers. Your team is eligible to participate in a NQ for up to one year from the end date of your league. For every four (4) teams in any official World TeamTennis (WTT) local league division, one (1) team will be eligible to participate in a NQ. Click here for more details.
Local League Information & Rules:
All rules can be found on the second page (back) of the match scorecards.

For any weather-related issues contact the League Coordinator at 302-354-7317. In case of inclement weather, a decision will not be made prior to 4pm on match day. All attempts will be made to secure indoor courts - players should be prepared to pay a small fee for using indoor courts and match start time may need to change.

Any changes in match scheduling must have prior approval from the league coordinator.

League standings will be updated on the league portal after every weekend of matches. This will also be posted on the league Facebook page,

Note that standings go by the Best Records first, then followed by Best Games Won %. For instance, two teams may be 3-0 at a certain point. However, Team B will be in first if they have a 65.3% Games Won Average whereas Team A will be in second if they have a 64.8% Games Won Average.

All championship matches will be overseen and officiated by the League Coordinator. If the League Coordinator is present at a regular season match, she may also serve as an officiate. Decisions/calls made by the League Coordinator are final. Any arguments or disagreements will result in immediate default by the player in question & could result in suspension from the league.
For more information contact:
Questions? Contact Taya at or 302-354-7317.

Click on the Registration link at the top of the page to register!